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Looking to renovate? You may want to watch this first.

Serj Markarian and Francis Toubakaris discuss remodeling challenges on a zoom call

I recently sat down with Founder and Lead Interior Designer of Francis Interiors, Francis Toumbakaris, to discuss home renovations—a widely popular conversation topic these days. Francis was kind enough to share his expertise and address a few of the most common questions I get from clients regarding cost, timing and getting started.

  • One thing most homeowners don’t realize is that while they have control over their investment on materials, they may not necessarily have control over the cost of labor.

  • Francis offers some examples of what those costs might look like based on the room/space and points out that the value of the home should be considered when determining your budget. Francis offers sound advice for helping set expectations when it comes to the timing of your renovation project. Most importantly, start planning the moment you go into contract and order materials that have long lead times, well in advance. A contractor will not be able to guarantee a timeline to complete the project unless they have all the materials in hand.

  • Before even getting started, most design firms will vet the prospective client with qualifying questions to make sure their budget and expectations are realistic. Francis provides insight into what the first meeting with the designer usually will entail.

Whether you’re planning on renovating your home today or later down the road, I highly recommend you tune into our conversation if you’re looking to avoid unnecessary headaches by setting realistic expectations and properly planning. Click the link below to watch the video of our discussion.


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