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Townhouse Living: Where privacy and space are priority

As I mentioned in last week’s email, now is the time to buy, while prices are soft and sellers are willing to negotiate; and analysts expect this window of opportunity to come and go. Since the pandemic hit, one of the top priorities that I hear from clients is they’re seeking more living space. Living space for buyers today is not limited to bedrooms; entertaining and work space are equally and, in some cases, more important.

For this reason, townhouses have become more appealing to potential buyers because they offer not only the added space, but the privacy and comfort of a single-family home. While townhomes can be found throughout Manhattan, they are most prevalent in the Upper East Side, West Village, Harlem and Upper West Side neighborhoods. You will find prices vary depending on the neighborhood and property, of course.

I recently filmed a short one-minute video highlighting the magnificence of NYC townhomes on the Upper East Side, which is known for its luxury residences. If you would like to know more about townhomes that fit within your budget and set up a tour, please reach out. I’d love to show you what is available, answer any questions and discuss the pros & cons of townhouse living in Manhattan.


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