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One of NYC’s oldest neighborhoods is now up and coming

A man standing outside the courthouse on Wall street Manhattan

The beauty of New York City is that it has hundreds of neighborhoods—each with their own vibe and quirks—making it almost feel sometimes like you’re walking into different countries merely blocks away from one another. There is a neighborhood for everyone’s taste and budget. Obviously those that are most popular tend to be more costly to live in, but sometimes you can score a deal in some of the prime neighborhoods depending on the circumstances.

One neighborhood in particular, the Financial District (in short, FiDi) has always been considered a financial center only—bustling by day with loads of bankers and dead at night and weekends, with limited retail and restaurant options for local residents in the immediate area. However things have changed over the past few years with more and more restaurants—some from big names like Danny Meyer and Jean-George—popping up in the neighborhood, as well as Eataly which offers a plethora of choices. And between Brookfield Place and the Oculus, retail options are aplenty.

With great schools in the area and some of the best transportation options, more and more people are flocking to FiDi these days. Farmers’ markets, fitness classes and dog meet-ups are becoming more prevalent so residents no longer have to travel outside their neighborhood for the conveniences we’re accustomed to in other NYC neighborhoods.

And the best part of the deal is that you get more bang for your buck, compared to other neighborhoods. Luxury developments are offering more space and amenities for less than what you might find in Chelsea or Tribeca. Needless to say, FiDi is up and coming; but like all good things, those deals may not last as it becomes increasingly popular and demand increases.

Also, with the recent turmoil in Ukraine, mortgage rates have dropped, at least for the moment. If you’re now planning to accelerate your search efforts to take advantage of the low rates, I recommend including FiDi in your search. I am happy to help with price comparisons between different neighborhoods and residential buildings. It seems that this Spring season is going to turn out to be one of the most active, so it doesn’t hurt to get a nice head start. Let’s talk!


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