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Your 2023 Holiday Tipping Guide

Serj Markarian - Real Estate Advisor in NYC

The holidays are officially here, making it the perfect time to give back. It is common practice to tip your building staff, as well as employees and other professionals who help you with your day-to-day tasks.

While holiday tipping amounts can vary based on a variety of factors, here are some helpful guidelines and parameters to consider.

When it comes to building staff, consider tipping:

  • $50-500 for a super or resident manager

  • $50-250 for a doorman/concierge

  • $50-150 for maintenance staff members

  • $50-75 for a garage attendant

For non-building staff, consider tipping:

  • One or two weeks’ pay for a housekeeper/cleaning person

  • One or two weeks’ pay for a full-time nanny

  • The price of one or two sessions for a personal trainer

  • The price of one service for a hair stylist or manicurist

  • $25-50 for an occasional babysitter

  • One week’s pay for a regular dog walker

  • $25-$50 for a UPS delivery person if you receive regular deliveries

  • $15-20 for a garbage collector, depending on municipal regulations (this is more customary in suburban settings)

  • Under $20 and/or baked goods or a small gift for mail carriers, due to USPS regulations

These numbers, of course, are suggested amounts. You might be a year-round tipper and therefore choose to tip a smaller amount at the end of the year. Alternatively, you may have excellent relationships with certain service providers and choose to tip more.

Regardless, we recommend including a note, ideally handwritten, along with your holiday tip or gift to show your thanks.


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