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Over-the-top luxury in NYC

Modern apartment with city skyline view

There is no shortage of luxury home sales in Manhattan according to the latest weekly report published by Olshan Realty. The report cited 30 contracts signed for a combined value of $211 million, with an average asking price of $7.04 million. It comes as no surprise, as wealthy buyers and investors are drawn to NYC for its opulence and the finest restaurants, shops and real estate, among other things.

When money is no object, there are some luxury buyers who seek over-the-top and unique homes with an abundance of space. On occasion, a buyer may like a unit and building so much that they want to purchase the unit next door and double their space. For example, this 39th floor apartment on the Upper East Side is made up of two condos combined to create a 50-foot living room—a dream home for the consummate host who loves to entertain.

Right down the street, a 19th century neo-Georgian townhouse comes with a secret garden on the roof for those who enjoy privacy in an outdoor space described as “an absolute magical private oasis which exudes bold yet sweet European charm, irreverent beauty and peacefulness.” These types of properties are rare, so it is a matter of time before it gets snatched by the highest bidder.

And then there are “those” homes that boast extraordinary levels of extravagance peppered throughout Manhattan, which I often refer to as “conversation pieces”. From converted churches and warehouses to masterpiece staircases to provocative art, these properties always turn out to be the main topic of conversation among anyone who steps inside of them.

While these incredible homes are most likely out of budget for most of us, they’re certainly fun to see and if anything, they inspire homeowners and buyers in designing their own homes. Regardless of one’s budget, I am quite confident there is a perfect home for everyone in New York. Let’s talk.


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