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The Countdown to Fall Begins for Sellers

Streets of Upper East Side in Manhattan

It’s crazy to think that the Fall season is less than a month away, but here we are. Traditionally, Spring and Fall tend to be when the New York City real estate market is most busy. Given that the market has been adjusting after an unusual two-year span of activity, this Autumn should be no exception. For example, this summer we’ve seen seasonal selling/buying patterns that are generally normal for this time of year, pre-pandemic.

With technically only 30 days until the fall season officially begins, sellers have already begun preparing their homes for listing. If they haven’t yet, they should. You may have heard me say this many times before, but I think it is important to remind clients that they need at least 30-45 days to prepare their home for listing.

Ideally, 60-90 days gives sellers ample time depending on what needs to be done, but it can be accomplished in a shorter window with the right strategy and resources. I still see sellers who fail to consider the time and preparation needed for placing their home on the market—everything from minor repairs and painting to developing a smart pricing and marketing strategy.

We expect to see greater buyer interest in the fall, compared to what we’ve been seeing this summer. Also worth noting, some sellers have chosen to take advantage of the rental market, taking their properties off the market and listing them for rent instead. This may reduce inventory somewhat and could be advantageous to those who need or want to sell.

If you’re looking to unload your property this year, please reach out. I am happy to answer any questions. I know selling a home in NYC can be overwhelming if not managed properly, so I’m available to speak with no obligation. Meanwhile, here is a link on my website that offers tips and other resources to help list your home.


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