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The history behind an affluent UES neighborhood

Serj Markarian touring Carnegie Hill neighborhood of Manhattan

  • If you’re a history buff, you may be interested to know that Manhattan’s affluent neighborhood Carnegie Hill got its name after Andrew Carnegie built his mansion on 5th Avenue and 91st Street in 1901.

  • For those of you following the MAX series, The Gilded Age, chances are some of the mansions featured in the television series along Fifth Avenue,, today are neighborhood museums and universities.

  • The neighborhood which stretches from East 86th up to 96th Streets continues to be high in demand, so much so that the border has been getting pushed up further northward into Spanish Harlem.

One thing I find so fascinating about New York City is its history. Each neighborhood has its own story, and Carnegie Hill is one that stands out for many reasons. I filmed a one-minute video last September that featured this wonderful neighborhood, and I thought I’d share it as I never got around to doing so before. Enjoy!


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