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Tips for bringing holiday magic into your home

Minimalist white Christmas Tree from Pottery Barn

The holidays are officially here, which means shopping and decorating is most likely underway for everyone. New Yorkers have a plethora of options when it comes to shopping, but decorating can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. City dwelling usually means smaller and confined living spaces compared to homes in the suburbs; but that shouldn’t prevent you from bringing some holiday cheer into your home or even going so far as to host your own holiday party.

For those who celebrate Christmas, there are a variety of tree sizes to select from that will fit perfectly inside your home; and believe it or not, in NYC, you can even have your tree delivered to your doorstep by Seamless. If a tree just isn’t in the cards, there are other ways to bring the magic of the holidays into your cozy home. House Beautiful magazine offers 12 ways to work with small spaces so that your home matches the splendor and beauty of NYC decorated storefronts and attractions … well almost.

Now that your home is beautifully decorated and you’re thinking of hosting a holiday gathering at your place, I recommend looking to the experts for sage advice. Glam magazine shares a variety of ideas that will make you the consummate host, regardless of how small a space you’re working with. As Martha Stewart once said, “I think a good hostess really knows how to maximize the use of space, no matter if it's big or small."

Whether you choose to go all out on holiday decorations or keep it simple, it’s good to heed advice on safety measures to prevent a disaster in your home or apartment building. And for all of you who don’t have the time to bring yuletide into your home, you simply need to step out your front door to take in the spirit of the holidays that New York City is known for all over the world. Stay tuned for my new holiday video coming to your inbox very soon! For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of my own small Christmas tree, proving there is a tree for everyone and every space.


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