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Real Estate Sales in Manhattan

Buyers' information on how to buy a property in Manhattan and NYC in general
  1. Various neighborhoods and their unique characteristics

  2. Different ownership types: condo, co-op, condop, land-lease or townhome

  3. Age of the building: pre-war, post-war or new development 

  4. What amenities, if any, do you require in a building?

  5. Does the unit include a washer/dryer or w/d connection?  

  6. If financing, what down payment is required for condos and co-ops.

  7. Do you have the funds in your bank account for the down payment or do you need to sell assets? 

  8. Would you need to sublet the apartment at some point?

  9. How is the financial health of the building?

  10. What are the monthly fees associated with the apartment?

  11. Are you looking for a move-in ready home or are you willing/looking to renovate? 

  12. Are school districts important to you?

  13. What is the food scene in the neighborhood?

  14. What type of arts and entertainment are available in the area?

  15. Proximity to a major grocery store

  16. Convenience of local shopping

  17. Accessibility to public transportation

  18. Do you prefer to be close or far from your workplace? (Each has its perks) 

  19. Convenience of commuting to/from work

  20. Noise level

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