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New Yorkers’ Highly Coveted Luxury Perks

Manhattan Luxury Real Estate - Serj Markarian Real Estate Broker/Advisor
Private terrace at a luxury apartment in Manhattan

Last summer, I highlighted the extravagant perks that luxury developments were offering to attract affluent buyers—ranging from in-house lifestyle managers to sommeliers to wellness concierges. These bespoke services afford homeowners and residents the luxury of reclaiming their time, often considered a premium amenity or “luxury perk” in itself.


Luxury perks, in general, may be more understated and commonplace than what one might think. The real estate publication, 6SqFt, recently polled NYC brokers to discern the “must haves” in luxury apartments, based on client preferences. Alongside the expected amenity of an in-unit washer/dryer, these are the seven features New Yorkers are seeking when it comes to upscale living. Fortunately, these features have become standard in new developments across the city, hence the term "commonplace" previously mentioned.


Original Details

The essence of home often lies in its unique details, like a fireplace preserved in its original condition, infusing it with charm and character. From rich woods in pristine millwork to elements like brick walls, steel I-beams, concrete floors, or wider plank wood flooring, every feature narrates craftsmanship and history. This creates an inviting, timeless atmosphere.


Concierge Services

Concierge services offer residents a luxurious and highly tailored living experience. This escalating demand mirrors shifting expectations, with individuals now searching not just for a place to reside but for a home that delivers a curated lifestyle— a premium for which residents are eager to pay.


Outdoor Space and Pools

Clients yearn for private outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies, while shared or private landscaped gardens hold significant allure. Options for outdoor dining, complete with grill and lounge areas, are highly sought after; and pools are a coveted amenity, providing a lush escape without the necessity of traveling to far-off destinations.


Hotel-like Amenities

Amenities like pet spas, sports simulators, and yoga rooms remain high on the list of priorities for residents, underscoring the desire for a resort-like ambiance within their building. While features such as theater rooms and extravagant sports simulators like virtual golf may not be essential, their presence adds a touch of luxury and reassurance to residents.


Work-From-Home Space

An increasing number of individuals today require a dedicated home office or workspace. A big and popular draw is having ample space within one's apartment to accommodate various activities, from work to relaxation, due to the shift towards remote employment. As highlighted in Entrepreneur, this trend goes beyond merely furnishing a desk and chair; it's about cultivating an environment that fosters productivity, well-being, and a healthy work-life balance.


Pet-Friendly Perks

Residents prioritize their pets, seeking amenities like pet spas and outdoor spaces, reflecting a growing demand for pet-friendly features. From designated outdoor areas to on-site dog walking services, pet comfort is now a priority in home selection.


Lots of Windows

For those hunting for a NYC apartment on a limited budget, even having windows in every room can feel like a luxury. In a city where sunlight is a prized commodity, access to natural light is paramount. In the luxury sector, where finances aren't as constrained, seekers prioritize spacious, well-lit apartments with large windows and sleek, uncluttered designs.


While securing all these "perks" in a single unit might be challenging unless your budget is limitless, there are a number of options that include most of these features. Buyers/renters should prioritize their needs and have their broker search for suitable properties in their desired neighborhoods and within their budget. Feel free to contact me if you're in the market to buy/rent and want to explore what's currently available.


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