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What to look for in an agent

Serj Markarian is discussing how to pick the right real estate agent

With the current market favoring buyers and which could very well remain that way as analysts predict prices could fall, would-be buyers should plan ahead in mapping out their first move. Before going through the 20-point buyer checklist, finding the right agent is important for first-time buyers or anyone looking to find someone new to represent them.

Like any other profession—whether it’s a doctor, mechanic or nanny— finding a real estate broker who is trustworthy and has your best interest in mind is essential, which is why I recommend doing your homework in advance when combing through the plethora of agents in Manhattan alone.

I recorded a short video with tips for finding an agent that works for you. I encourage you to watch and/or bookmark it for future reference, and please feel free to socialize among anyone you know who is looking to buy. Some key qualities to look for in a broker that I discuss in the video are that he/she must be a good listener, knowledgeable, altruistic, and associated with a well-respected NYC brokerage firm.

Obviously, there is much more beyond these four things, such as working with someone who is resourceful, steadfast, good at problem-solving, engaging and has integrity. However, like with anything else, trust your gut instinct and be sure to interview the agent(s) because essentially, you’re the employer and they’re working for you.


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