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Before your property search, ask these questions

Serj Markarian discussing how to pick the right neighborhood in Manhattan

I hope everyone is recovering from “election hangover”. Whether it’s selecting a candidate to vote for or a neighborhood to live in, research is important. Last week, I touched on the myriad neighborhoods spanning the five boroughs of New York City, and how prices can shift up or down even if the most popular neighborhoods.

This week I want to focus on the actual search. While research is important in helping you through the decision-making process, I understand that not everyone has the time to put forth that effort. That is where your broker comes in. Good NYC real estate brokers should be familiar with all the city’s neighborhoods or have easy access to information that they can share with you through their brokerage firm. This is one of many reasons buyers enlist a knowledgeable broker with a reputable firm.

I filmed a quick one-minute video, where I share questions that you should consider when narrowing down your potential neighborhood list. This will at least give you a head start before engaging in your property searches. It will also help your broker zero in on where to look once he/she has a sense for your needs and wants.

A neighborhood, like a political candidate, is a commitment—if at the very least for one or two years. So whether you choose to do the homework on your own or get assistance from your broker in finding the right neighborhood, make sure your decision is one you can live with for a while.


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